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Lisa Cohn - New York City Nutritionist

We’ve Got Nutrition Down to a Science!

At Park Avenue Nutrition, we’ll give you plenty of personal attention, guide you with sound advice and coach you toward applying the science of nutrition while achieving your health goals. It all begins with a personalized strategy based on the science of eating what’s best for your specific body needs and health concerns.

Lisa C. Cohn, M.M.Sc., M.Ed., R.D., will help you develop that right strategy for you with her science-based, exceedingly sensible, holistic approach, while she strives to treat the whole person from the inside out.  Working with a nutritionist means you get to find out the approach to healthy eating that works for YOU!

While nutrition is the focal point of Park Avenue Nutrition and certainly the foundation for your success, it is just the beginning of the integrated approach to health and wellness provided by Lisa and her staff.  At Park Avenue Nutrition, you will be able to receive a complete body, mind, and spirit wellness experience.

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In our current society, it seems as if people are always looking for the magic bullet that will transform their lives and give them exactly what they want.  Unfortunately, this search will always be fruitless because there is no such magic bullet, at least not for goals worth attaining.  This is especially true when it comes to health and wellness, where a complete and integrated approach is necessary. Read more on A Complete Approach to Health and Wellness…

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Are you hungry for a healthy lifestyle? Hello, I am Lisa Cohn, owner of Park Avenue Nutrition & Spa. If your daily routine is leaving you tired and with low energy, you will find this post particularly helpful for boosting your energy level. Many of my clients at the spa are seeking new ways to cook up something delish and energizing in a jiff. First we will go over how to start your day on a natural energy kick with a simple fruit smoothy. Then we will go over some simple breakfast options for morning energy. Next we will make some simple and tasty snacks to keep your afternoon energy level going at the office or when you are on the run. Read more on Energize Your Life with Food…

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