Lisa’s Strategies for “Stuffing My Face” with Healthy Breakfast Foods

Healthy Breakfast Foods

Photo by Robert McDiarmid

By Naomi K.

Do you scoff your food down without thinking twice about what you’re choosing?  How aware are you of what time it is when you eat?  When Lisa asked me to jot down the foods I’d eaten for a week and note the time I was eating, I realized I was stuffing my face without thinking much.  In the morning, in particular, it takes me some time to realize what I just bought when I am craving something sweet or familiar.  After talking with clients at the nutrition center, I learned that for most people, breakfast can be as boring as a lecture that drags on and on.

For me, if I do have breakfast, it’s some Greek yogurt scoffed down in the morning in under two minutes!.  A truly favorite food of mine, it can be a boring routine.  Amidst the breakfast eaters, I learned that many will make the same food choice every day (kind of like my yogurt), others are part of the coffee and pastry sugar and caffeine kick craze, and some will skip the meal altogether.  I tried to change my breakfast habits and found out that eating a healthy morning meal does require making some adjustment.

Breakfast is your first meal.  Could scarfing down a healthy breakfast food be enjoyable?  Eating more slowly was a big step for me to take.  I was guilty of mindlessly chowing down the easiest and most readily available food or quasi food in my reach.

When I told New York’s nutritionist, Lisa Cohn about my problem she told me that if I was craving sweets, to stick fruit or some dark chocolate morsels into my yogurt…my breakfast is not boring anymore!  Now I get creative!  Sometimes I put banana slices, some organic granola or strawberries, or even all three when I get greedy.

I now eat more slowly, am more relaxed and focused on my choices.  My mind is clearer and I am naturally energized from breakfast.   Does anyone have exciting ways that they make their ordinary breakfast tasty, or are most of you in the same predicament as me?  Do you have any breakfast ideas that you can share?

For some drinkable breakfast ideas, check out this healthy breakfast foods list.

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  • Chrizz1906

    I do the same thing! I dont know why I eat so fast, but I am not even in a rush. Then I usually feel badly because I didnt take my time. Does anyone else do this?

  • jpop

    I’m always in a hurry in the morning so i dont have time for “breakfast” so my usual breakfast is a small bowl of cereal. im getting tired of the same thing everyday. any easy and quick breakfast ideas?

  • Nlillyk

    A great way for a fast and easy breakfast are smoothies. You can make them ahead of time and its easy if you have a blender… stick some fruit like blueberries and strawberries and even a banana, add some milk, ice and blend… you can stick the remainder in the refrigerator for an easy and healthy breakfast for the next few days or even stick the rest of the smoothie in an icecube tray with popsicle sticks make some fruity yogurt pops for the summer! – Naomi

  • Lcohn

    Naomi, these are great options. Start with a favorite ingredient.
    How about mixing it up with a cereal sundae. use a 1/2 cup of your cereal or mix 2 favorites; add 1/4 cup plain yogurt or 1% fat cottage cheese; add 1/2 cup fresh fruit of any kind diced or frozen (thawed under water in bag or microwaved – its yummy warmed) or fruit sauce (no sugar added) and top with 1 tbsp crushed nuts or seeds and enjoy. adding cinnamon or 1 tbsp of dark chocolate chips is tasty. you can also make a cereal roll up with the same ingredients in a 6′ tortilla. you can use graham crackers or thin bread and make a sandwich of sorts too! Let us know how you like these options.

  • Lcohn

    I call this rush eating – your mind is somewhere else and you are in motion. Try to take with you and eat when you are sitting instead of standing. Being late is stressful – not a good time to eat.
    How about making breakfast the night before or taking with you so you need not rush. You can do it!! Lisa

  • Sandra Santos

    Naomi love the smoothie popsicle idea. Lisa has helped realize that I can lose weight without having to be a boring eater. I am at my 3rd week with Park Avenue Nutrition and am happy with the results.

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