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Coffee - Energizing Breakfast Foods

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Naomi told me an interesting tale today. She said, “As I stepped onto the train today, I saw everyone with their coffees and wondered if their bodies ever tire out from all that caffeine.” As an occasional drinker of coffee, she was shocked at how addictive her friends found coffee to be. She wondered if all this coffee drinking could have an opposite effect on energy level. The answer is Read more on Breakfast Club: The Energizer Drink Bunny…

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Breakfast Energy - Coffee Alternatives

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I am a regular at Starbucks but not a fan of coffee.  While doing my homework, I head for the “Skinny Steamer”, fat free or low fat steamed milk served hot with your choice of sugar free syrups (the vanilla tastes like a vanilla milkshake without the heavy consistency).  Nutritionally speaking,  you’re getting Read more on I Get My Locomotive Running with My Morning Steamer…

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By Naomi K.

Energy Drinks and Breakfast Foods

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The ability to have an energizing drink that may contain caffeine and even some alcohol and feel so awake in the morning may be amazing, but did you ever look at the back of the bottle?  As a person that very rarely drank coffee, I decided one day to drink one.

Not knowing what it would do to my body, I drank, and thankfully I didn’t drink the whole bottle and only had about three sips. After a while, I became dizzy, my heart was pounding so hard and my hands were shaking. That was the last time I ever put an energizing drink in my mouth. Who knows what would happen if I drank the whole bottle!

Did anyone ever have the same experience? How does your body feel after you drink an energy drink in the morning?

Be sure to check out this list of healthy breakfast foods for more naturally energizing ways to start your day.

Picture Perfect Food

Post a picture of your go to energy drink and Lisa and I will give you feedback on the very best drinks.

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