Breakfast Club: OH MY! I GOT THE SHAKES!


By Naomi K.

Energy Drinks and Breakfast Foods

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The ability to have an energizing drink that may contain caffeine and even some alcohol and feel so awake in the morning may be amazing, but did you ever look at the back of the bottle?  As a person that very rarely drank coffee, I decided one day to drink one.

Not knowing what it would do to my body, I drank, and thankfully I didn’t drink the whole bottle and only had about three sips. After a while, I became dizzy, my heart was pounding so hard and my hands were shaking. That was the last time I ever put an energizing drink in my mouth. Who knows what would happen if I drank the whole bottle!

Did anyone ever have the same experience? How does your body feel after you drink an energy drink in the morning?

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Picture Perfect Food

Post a picture of your go to energy drink and Lisa and I will give you feedback on the very best drinks.

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  • Lcohn

    What happened to Naomi can happen to you. If you are skipping meals and taking energy drinks or adding alcohol to them be extra informed of the potential dangers – to your heart. If you are having stomach ache, headache or nausea and shakes – you may need medical attention. These drinks are not designed for weight loss or as meal replacements. I have seen many people in my office with side effects from these drinks. Lisa C.
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  • Anutikb

    Agree! The first and the last time I gave this energy drink a try, my head was spinning 200 mph and a headache was not going away. A cup of tea feels much better to me.

  • Chrizz1908

    That happened to me too! I drank an energy drink with coffee ( not sure the brand)… i usually drink coffee, but this was way too much for me. I also felt dizzy.

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