Breakfast Club: The Energizer Drink Bunny

Coffee - Energizing Breakfast Foods

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Naomi told me an interesting tale today. She said, “As I stepped onto the train today, I saw everyone with their coffees and wondered if their bodies ever tire out from all that caffeine.” As an occasional drinker of coffee, she was shocked at how addictive her friends found coffee to be. She wondered if all this coffee drinking could have an opposite effect on energy level. The answer is yes.

Caffeine is a temporary, artificial energizer. We become dependent on it and often overlook the fact that we use it as a replacement for natural and nutritional sources of energy. Artificial energizers include caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, herbal agents. Increasing heart rate, blood sugars levels and mental focus are the most common desired effects of ergogenic (energizing) aids.

When we replace natural energizing meals, sleep or exercise with these artificial options the body becomes depleted of inner strength and hardiness. Over time, the bodies bank of nutrients is wasted by these substances and it weakens. Sleeping problems, brain issues, digestive upset and mood take over and we become severely stressed.

Check in on your choice of energizer and consider healthier, naturally energizing options such as exercising, music, dance, nature and singing. If you are using caffeine for the energizer effect, you may want to seriously reconsider your daily routine by working in these options to better balance your body’s natural energy.

Join the Breakfast Blog and share how you have overcome a coffee addiction. If you don’t drink coffee, what is
what is the energizing fuel that gets you through a morning?

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  • Lcohn

    Skinny Steamer, yum! This is a great example of how to balance the fun and work/study life! Eating in a fun environment can be healthy. By the way, the new petites (cupcakes, etc) are an option which meet the yummy craving without going overboard on the sugars … more than a mouthful can be a waste when this much can satisfy a craving. Lisa C. Park Avenue Nutrition

  • Anutikb

    So true! Changing the caffeine routine could be a really challenging task. Especially since it became a “mass movement” here, social pressure is big. However, if there is a will, there is a way…For example, I switched to a cup of green tea and 20 sit-ups in the morning, and it works great for me.

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