3 Healthy Brain Foods: Mindful Nutrition Tips


Healthy Brain Foods Tip #1 – Eat For a Fatty Head

Brain Foods

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Eating to power your brain can be simple, natural and is extremely important for overall health and well-being. Try these foods and the recipes which follow to nourish you brain for a super day. Healthy brain foods provide essential fatty acids for the fatty tissue which makes up the brain itself.

Remember the expression you may have used in the playground, “Hey you fat head”? This expression comes from fact, that the brain is a fatty tissue. A most important nutrient for healthy communication in the brain tissue is essential fats found in some delicious foods you can choose daily. Try these tips:

1) Go Fish

Omega 3 fatty acid provide essential fats for the brain to run smoothly. They nourish the cells and reduce inflammation. Choose oilier fish such as salmon (wild caught is recommended), mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies are good options. Consider fresh as sushi, steamed, broiled, baked or poached. Flake leftover salmon into a salad, make into a sandwich or put into a soup.

2) Get Nutty

Nuts and seeds are rich is essential oils. Extra special ones include hemp nuts – super stars healthy brain food – toss into yogurt, add to cereal, eat as a snack. Flax meal (ground seeds) can also be added to cereals, smoothies, salads. Most nuts offer a balance of healthy fats and minerals. Use whole or add ground to home made muffins or breads or recipes.

3) Sea Greens

Sea greens (hence fish which eat them are also high in essential oils) such as seaweeds are a great choice. In miso soup, as a side of Arame salad, in soups or dishes are all great.

This is the beginning of a series of posts on the topic of healthy brain foods.  This post will be updated frequently with additional tips and links to related subjects on brain health and nutrition.  Keep an eye out for more and be sure to let us know what you want to know more about when it comes to food and your brain.

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  • Anutikb

    I like your practical and delicious brain foods ideas. Will Go Fish starting today.

  • Nlillyk

    I love and enjoy all these foods, salmon especially! Sushi is a great option that  can include both fish and seaweed. Add brown rice to your rolls and some veggies, and thats a great balanced meal!  

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