I Get My Locomotive Running with My Morning Steamer

Breakfast Energy - Coffee Alternatives

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I am a regular at Starbucks but not a fan of coffee.  While doing my homework, I head for the “Skinny Steamer”, fat free or low fat steamed milk served hot with your choice of sugar free syrups (the vanilla tastes like a vanilla milkshake without the heavy consistency).  Nutritionally speaking,  you’re getting protein, calcium and if you grab a banana on their counter, you have potassium.  A simple way to fuel for your brain and a enjoy a great morning without caffeine!

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  • Anutikb

    Thanks for the breakfast tip, have to try this next time!
    The only breakfast option I’ve tried there was Decaf Soy Latte and a Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal, made of 100% whole grain with splash of brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts… Let me know how you like it.

  • Nlillyk

    I will try the decaf Soy Latte, should be good, never any complaints with their products… let me know if you like the steamer.

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