Three Reasons To Check Out Slow Food USA


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the national headquarters of Slow Food USA located on Jay Street in Brooklyn. Employees were kind enough to give me a short tour and a run-down of what they did in the office. I learned that a lot of “behind the scenes” work was carried out at the national headquarters, as opposed to fieldwork done at the local chapters. They told me that there are Slow Food USA chapters in every state except North and South Dakota. At the local chapters they organize community events and work to “support good, clean, and fair food.”
Slow Food events tend to encourage food pleasure in the community with activities such as farm tours, seasonal feasts, film festivals and taste workshops. Just recently the Slow Food USA organization hosted an event called the “$5 Challenge.” On September 17, 2011 participants agreed to share a healthy meal idea that cost less than five dollars. Over 5,572 meals were shared!
This upcoming weekend Slow Food NYC is involved in a World Food Day Rally. Manhattan residents are urged to speak out against genetically engineered foods. Participants will rally by marching from the Supreme Court Building into Thomas Paine Park. Other upcoming Slow Food NYC events include a discussion panel about the history and politics of food. This will take place on November 1st, at Barnard College.
My visit to the national headquarters was cut short because a few of the workers were headed to the Occupy Wall Street protests. They were going to examine the kitchen in Zuccotti Square and to help distribute food to the protestors. Slow Food USA supports the Occupy Wall Street Protest because protest participants are also advocating for good, clean and fair food.
Although short, it was great to get a glimpse of the Slow Food USA headquarters and to talk to the employees. I predict that, with time, this organization will continue to grow and become a prominent and important influence in our country. Park Avenue Nutrition suggests that you check out your local SlowFood USA chapter and get involved!

What Our RD’s Have to Say:

“It’s important to get back to the roots, find out where our food comes from, and appreciate the food grown locally. Supermarkets are inundated with processed foods shipped from around the world; this is neither fuel efficient nor nutritious. Instead of revolving on highly processed foods and popular crash diets, it’s crucial to focus on having a balanced, fresh diet for optimum health.”
–Alexis W. RD

A Recap: Three Reasons We Love Slow Food USA

1. They’re a nonprofit organization that focuses to “counteract fast food and fast life.”
2. They support community participation with food tastings and local foods events.
3. They encourage “good, clean and fair food.”

Check it Out!

Here’s a link to the SlowFood NYC website:

-written by Fiona

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