Three Reasons To Grow Your Own Mushroom Garden

The emerging mushrooms

Last week at the Park Avenue Nutrition office we received a package; I had no idea what to expect as I tore through the cardboard shipping box.  When I peered in I discovered a smaller cardboard box labeled “Grow Your Own Mushroom Garden.”  Lisa explained that the mushroom growing kit was from a west coast company called “Back to the Roots.”  I was instantly intrigued by the thought of nurturing my very own set of edible mushrooms.

After reading more about the “Back To The Roots” company and visiting their website I became even more interested.  The company recycles Peets coffee grounds and uses them as the growing medium for the mushrooms.  They guarantee a set of pearl oyster mushrooms in only ten days.

Needless to say I immediately set up the mushroom kit and have been watching it keenly for the past couple days.  The mushrooms have just began to sprout out of the box, it’s so exciting!  Everyone I show is fascinated and slightly jealous.  When they grow enough I plan to use the mushrooms to create a delicious dinner.  Although I’ve never tasted them, oyster mushrooms are said to have a delicate flavor and a velvety texture.

Not only is it fun to grow the mushrooms, but they’re healthy too!  A serving of oyster mushrooms has only 28 calories but is packed with nutrients.  A serving provides 3 grams of protein, and noteworthy amounts of riboflavin, niacin, potassium, and pantothenic acid.  So here at Park Avenue Nutrition we give our seal of approval to the Back To The Roots company and their Grow Your Own Mushroom Garden!


A Recap: Three Reasons Why We Love Back To The Roots Mushroom Garden

 1. You can easily grow your own mushrooms in ten days

2. The mushrooms are delicious and healthy

3. The company is eco-friendly and recycles coffee grounds as the mushroom growing medium

-written by Fiona

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