3 Common Dietary Restrictions And Ways To Be Safe On Thanksgiving


It seems that everyone has a dietary restriction these days whether it’s an allergy, intolerance, or a special diet.  Unique dietary needs such as these become particularly important during the holidays.  For example, what can a vegetarian eat on Thanksgiving? What about lactose intolerance? At Park Avenue Nutrition we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy a holiday meal! Here are a few of our suggestions:

For A Vegetarian:

Try Tofurky instead of turkey or prepare a main dish that highlights legumes.  Stews and Sheppard’s pies made with vegetables, mushrooms, and beans can be equally fulfilling to the traditional turkey meal.

Visit http://www.vegkitchen.com/tips/vegetarian-thanksgiving/ for more vegetarian thanksgiving ideas.  Vegkitchen also has a variety of amazing raw food recipes.  Check them out!

For Lactose Intolerance:

Love the taste and texture of cheesecake but hate how it makes you feel?  Try tofu cheesecake and avoid bloating and gas on the car ride home.  Cheesecake made with tofu may sound strange but trust us; you’ll never know the difference! Another idea: instead of using butter and cream in mashed potatoes, try using olive oil.

Try This Decadent Double-Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake (pictured above): http://www.vegkitchen.com/recipes/special-occasions-and-entertaining/double-layer-pumpkin-cheesecake/

 For Gluten-Free:

Holiday meals can be especially risky for individuals with gluten allergies.  Be sure to know the ingredients of everything you eat.  You’d be surprised where gluten can hide its nasty self! Instead of skipping the stuffing, try making it with gluten free bread or even rice.  And for dessert, try making a baked fruit cobbler instead of a traditional gluten-filled pie.

Visit http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2008/11/thanksgiving-recipes-tips-for-gluten.html for more gluten-free thanksgiving alternatives.

Don’t Forget:

It’s important to remember basic food safety information while transporting food.  We encourage you to purchase freshly and properly refrigerated foods. It’s smart to store food at proper temperatures while you travel; consider using a cooler. Additionally, make sure all meat is cooked to a safe temperature before serving.

Visit this link to the USDA site for proper cooking temperatures and other safety tips: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/News_&_Events/NR_110811_01/index.asp

Here at Park Avenue Nutrition we think that Thanksgiving should be a time of celebration and relaxation.  Let us do the worrying!  If you have any questions, please give us a call or make an appointment.

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