Be Part of Terra Madre Day


Clear your calendars for Saturday December 10th to celebrate the global event, Terra Madre Day!  Once again Slow Food has organized a day dedicated to good, clean, and fair food.  Over 160 countries are participating in Terra Madre Day, all with a vision of local food production, environmental respect, biological diversity and taste education.  Terra Madre Day celebrations range from communal dinners to money-raising concerts and everything in between.  This year’s events will be supporting “A Thousand Gardens In Africa,” a project to create food gardens with schools, and villages across the African continent.

Want to participate in this awesome day? You can either create your own event or join someone else’s.  Here at Park Avenue Nutrition we advocate the Slow Food movement and encourage you to be active this December 10th!

For a list of Terra Madre Day events in your area check out:

For more information about A Thousand Gardens In Africa check out:


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