We’re More Than a Nutrition Center, We’re a Touchstone

Located on the upper east side near Park Avenue in Manhattan, in the midst of a world-renowned area for medical practitioners, Park Avenue Nutrition is an approachable, community-friendly, street-level center for everyone. Soon, you’ll feel comfortable enough to drop in anytime you need positive reinforcement or encouragement and counsel that complements your medical care.


Visits to our center could also involve soothing sessions for massage, acupuncture or reflexology. It’s a place where you’ll find that everything works together to help you feel relaxed, confident, enquiring and positive about the effective changes you’re making in an atmosphere of beauty and relaxation – Park Avenue Nutrition.


“The office is so welcoming, relaxing and happy. It has a healthy energy.”
Tom A.

About Lisa

NYC Nutritionist Lisa CohnLisa C. Cohn, M.M.Sc., M.Ed., R.D., is the President of Park Avenue Nutrition and is a licensed, registered dietitian. She did her undergraduate work at University of Rhode Island and holds two masters degrees – one in Medical Science from Emory University School of Medicine and the second in Health Promotion from Columbia University. She began her career at the American Health Foundation in New York where she directed a Ford Foundation sponsored evaluation of the “Know Your Body” School Health Education Program and served as national representative to the U.S. Department of Education.


Lisa brings 20 years of research, writing and lecturing to her nutrition practice. She has also proudly participated in the 1996 Nobel Prize Summer conference in Lindau, Germany. She has been an American Heart Association volunteer for over 25 years and served as the Nutrition Scholar for the Partnership for Women’s Health at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. She is the nutrition/media spokesperson for the New York City Youth Health Coalition aimed at reducing childhood obesity.

Lisa is a gifted medical nutrition strategist who knows you deserve to be treated intelligently, recognizes that you don’t have to be an absolutely perfect eater and can help you with an eating plan that’s better and smarter. With her science-based, exceedingly sensible, holistic approach, she strives to treat the whole person from the inside out. Whether you’re dealing with weight management, heart issues, blood-sugar problems or a lifetime of eating disorders, Lisa is committed to help and offer a true partnership to get you the results you need. “Our goal is to help a person help themselves,” says Lisa. With Lisa, you’ll know you’re in the right hands.


“Lisa’s my food “shrink” – except my whole body has shrunk – I love it! She makes sense out of the diet nonsense and I will never go back to that kind of a life. I lost 18 lbs in 3 months.”
Gail P.

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