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1.) Do I need to see my doctor before I visit you?
No. You need not see your doctor before your visit. If you have seen a doctor for specific concerns or have recent laboratory test results you may bring results with you. We are pleased to speak with your doctor once you are a client and to keep in contact with the office. Please bring your doctor’s name, telephone number and address to your visit so we may keep it on file. We are respectful and supportive of your physicians care.
2.) Is it possible for me to eat the things I like (meat, dessert, or candy) and have a good diet?
Absolutely. We believe that enjoying your meals is a necessary part of healthy eating. A diet or eating plan which is good for you should nourish your senses as well as your body. For some, it may be beneficial to limit certain foods initially or to clarify appropriate portions but your eating strategy should not leave you feeling deprived or punished. Part of my strategy in designing a personalized plan for you is to include your favorite foods and beverages. The chemistry of smell, taste and texture are key to satisfying meals – a human pleasure – a need and want which must be met for lasting success.

When it comes to chocolate, go dark – Read this article that Lisa wote on

3.) What is that thing on your arm in the video ?
We incorporate the latest research findings and technology into your plan for success. In the video, I am wearing a device which monitors how many calories one burns (or your metabolic rate), sleep habits and other daily bodily functions. Having these measurements allows us to work together to personalize your program and measure progress towards your goals. For more information on metabolism measurement, read this article called, “Can you really change your metabolism?” writen by Lisa at and you can measure your metabolic rate right here.

Ask to schedule your metabolic test when you make an appointment. To prepare for a most accurate test, please do not eat, take caffeine or exercise the morning of your test. Results are most accurate in the morning. The test takes approximately 15 minutes.

4.) Will a better diet help my hair?
Yes, yes, yes! Of all the decisions you make, what you eat has the greatest influence on the health of your hair. A nutritious diet nourishes all the cells in your body – from the inside out! Healthy, shiny, strong, silky, growing hair is a natural side effect of a nutritious diet. As an advisor to the beauty industry, I am especially concerned about hair, nail and skin health as they are clear indicators of your overall nutritional status. During your first visit, I will take a thorough health history to better understand your body chemistry as conditions including thyroid problems, poor digestion, quickly losing or gaining weight and stress can effect your hair.
5.) Are there foods that can cure (ailments) some types if illness?
Yes. As a medical nutrition specialist and registered dietitian, I am trained in the science of eating properly for specific health conditions – to support, strengthen and nourish you with the power of foods – it’s all about better eating for your needs. Making sense out of diet information can be quite confusing and causes people to become frustrated, make rash decisions and often feel less motivated to eat healthier. Antioxidants, phytochemicals, essential fatty acids, fibers, vitamins and minerals are some of the powerful substaces in foods which are know to help and treat ailments. Sharing these “health cures” is part of our teamwork which most clients find quite fun.

Prior to opening Park Avenue Nutrition, I spent years as a researcher in metabolism, heart health and preventive medicine for children and adults. I developed and directed programs for school health and trained pediatricians in nutrition. Working together with your doctors to provide natural alternatives from foods, spices, herbs and therapy such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture should complement your docotors care. Eating fresh, organic foods, delicious foods are a My specialiaties are in both medical nutrition and health education. The personalized plan for you is based upon foods which will offer benefits for your concerns and goals.

6.) How important is the connection between exercise and healthy eating?
Very. A healthy diet and proper exercise go hand in hand for overall wellness. We will recommend a fitness center or personal trainer as needed. Your results are not dependent upon an exercise program. Physical movement, better breathing and overall fitness strategies are individualized and may include massage, foot massage and care, stretching and better posture training. If you are exercising and not getting results, I will evaluate the role of exercise in your plan to get results.
7.) How important is attitude and psychology?
Very important. It’s All Begins in Your Mind, Believe It
Make a mental change to eat for life vs. being on a “diet.” Move away from the diet lifestyle to real healthy living. Tell yourself that you are going to change the way you eat and have belief that you are going to do it. Have confidence and trust that your body will respond to the healthy new choices you will make. Set yourself up for success. Your ability to achieve results starts from within. At Park Avenue Nutrition we make an effort support your relaxation, body confidence and positive attitude. Our clients appreciate the benefits of a de-stressing facial massage, deeply relaxing aromatherapy foot reflexology and heated energy mat rest sessions. Results come easier and last longer when you “feel like yourself”.
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    i came to you in 2006 and you gave me someone else’s nutrition plan. you didn’t even care. 

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    i was one of your patient at perry’s avenue medical center…and i want to go back to my diet plan….i need your help…your advice was great…

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