Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

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Are you drinking your breakfast these days?  Shakes, Smoothies and Drinkable meals
have become all the rage and in fact, I recommend them as a quick high energy meal.
Easy to prepare and portable, smoothies can be a nutritious drinkable healthy breakfast food.
I recommend getting a simple blender such as the Bullet or one that comes with the plastic cups so you can blend and go.  These smaller machines are also easier to use, clean and come with multiple blades for making a variety of edibles.   Read more on Drinkable Healthy Breakfast Food List…

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breakfast foods

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Many of my clients report they choose a breakfast item based upon price.  Many skip breakfast because it costs too much!  Naomi talked breakfast cents with some of our clients about other obstacles to eating healthy.  The reasons for making food choices usually comes down to #1 Taste, #2 Convenience, #3 Cost.  The Economist reported increased breakfast cost in Summer of 2010.  Coffee and orange juice crops were hit by the weather. Read more on Good Cents Healthy Breakfast Food List: High on Nutrients, Lite on Budget…

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Healthy Breakfast Foods

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A healthy breakfast foods list can be the most important staple for getting your day off to an energizing start! In New York, it seems as if everyone is on the run with little or no time for breakfast. If you are an early riser and eating a healthy breakfast, power to you!

“Not me”, says Naomi, our Breakfast Coach! “It’s a struggle every day for me. It’s tough, when all you have is five minutes to get dressed and rush out the door to make it to the train, to get to your job. I never know what to choose. The urge to get a cup of coffee from Starbucks and a big piece of cake that sits there as I pass Barnes and Noble every morning, doesn’t help me either.”

I have asked Naomi, to help coach everyone to set a goal for having a nourishing breakfast each day. Join Naomi and start your day with an energizing breakfast. Read more on Healthy Breakfast Foods List: The Breakfast Club Introduction…

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