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Clear your calendars for Saturday December 10th to celebrate the global event, Terra Madre Day!  Once again Slow Food has organized a day dedicated to good, clean, and fair food.  Over 160 countries are participating in Terra Madre Day, all with a vision of local food production, environmental respect, biological diversity and taste education.  Terra Madre Day celebrations range from communal dinners to money-raising concerts and everything in between.  This year’s events will be supporting “A Thousand Gardens In Africa,” a project to create food gardens with schools, and villages across the African continent.

Want to participate in this awesome day? You can either create your own event or join someone else’s.  Here at Park Avenue Nutrition we advocate the Slow Food movement and encourage you to be active this December 10th!

For a list of Terra Madre Day events in your area check out:

For more information about A Thousand Gardens In Africa check out:


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Food Day

Today, October 24th, is National Food Day; a day dedicated to achieving five food related goals:

1. To reduce diet-related disease by promoting healthy foods
2. To support sustainable farms and limit subsidies to agribusiness
3. To expand access to food and alleviate hunger
4. To protect the environment and animals by reforming factory farms
5.  To promote health by curbing junk-food marketing to kids

Food Day events are happening all over the US!  There are several occurring in the Manhattan and surrounding areas.  Support fair conditions for food and farm workers and find a Food Day Event near you.  Go to to find out more.

 Park Avenue Nutrition Wishes You A Happy Food Day!

-posted by Fiona

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Variety of peppers at the Union Square Market

On Wednesday I decided to swing by the Greenmarket on Union Square to pick up some fresh produce.  When I emerged from the subway I was amazed at the market’s size and diversity.  Not only were there numerous vendors selling deliciously beautiful produce but there were also a substantial amount of booths dealing with sustainability and environmental businesses.  I was bombarded by Greenpeace advocates who informed me about coal pollution and alternative sources of energy.  I stopped and learned about greenroofs, rooftop beehives, solar energy, and composting.  As I continued walking I entered the food and produce section of the market and was in awe of the colors and variety.  An assortment of apples, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, pickles, lettuce, and cheese filled my eyes.  Each bakery stand had bread more appetizing than the next.  And there was even a stand with ostrich eggs and jerky!  It took me a good half hour to get through the market, and I didn’t want it to end.

Greenmarkets are continuing to sprout throughout the city and although they may not be as large as the one on Union Square, they are definitely worth visiting.  Each greenmarket has it’s own inviting and unique atmosphere along with a medley of nutritious produce.  Not only are the fruits and vegetables cheaper than in most grocery stores, but by purchasing from a Greenmarket you’re supporting small, local farms.  Park Avenue Nutrition wants you to find the Greenmarket nearest to you and support it!

 What Our RD’s Have to Say:

“It’s nice to interact with local farmers who are so passionate about what they grow.  I love the cooking demos because they teach new ways of using seasonal vegetables.  And being able to ask questions about ingredients is important for those who have allergies.  Overall, the greenmarkets are a great way to meet new people!”

-Alexis W. RD

A Recap: Three Reasons We Love Greenmarkets

 1. You’re guaranteed to have a good time!

2. They help you support local businesses!

3. They’ll help you eat more nutritiously and educate you about the environment and sustainability.

 Check It Out!

 Here’s a link to the greenmarket website:

-written by Fiona

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