“Are You Tired and Frustrated of Having to Eat Boring Foods and Exercise Your Butt Off to Lose Weight?…

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Energizing Weight Loss

  • Energize your body and prime yourself to start dropping the pounds!
  • Feel better while you get healthier.
  • Transform your body and enjoy the process!
  • Become more active and more productive.
  • Begin living the life you want to live
  • This Often-Overlooked Subject is the First Step in Creating a Healthy Day and Healthy Body

    We all get tired and we all complain that we just don’t have the energy sometimes to get done what needs to be done. Usually, we turn to unnatural stimulants which ends up only making things worth.

    Our health begins to suffer and our energy dips even further so we seek out more stimulants. Eventually we just give up. So we get lazy and put on the pounds. We think “what’s the use” and go on with our lives feeling down and frustrated.

    Sometimes We Just Need to Give Ourselves a Healthy Boost

    Join Lisa Cohn, RD, and fitness/motivational expert Matt Maresca on a journey to a more lively day and invigorated body.  A healthy body also needs a healthy mind and healthy spirit to be truly effective.  If you are struggling to lose weight and maintain a positive body image, you probably need a boost in your mind/body energy connection.  That’s why this book was written for you.  Energy is an under-appreciated subject and vital to your overall health and well-being.  Take the Energizing Weight Loss challenge and feel your life take off in ways you’ve never imagined!

    The Torch Gets Lit with Energizing Weight Loss

    • 10 Naturally Energizing Strategies You Can Eat
    • 33 Energy-Boosting Meals and Recipes
    • How to Satisfy Your Cravings in Simple Ways
    • A Morning Routine to Get You Up, Moving, and Feeling Good
    • Exercise Strategies and Challenges You Will Actually Enjoy
    • The Personal Power Building Journey for Increased Your Energy in Life
    “I am more motivated to do exercise. I am just a lot happier.”
    -Janetta M, 19, Art Student

    “I don’t stress over food as much. That was exhausting.”
    -Henry A., School Administrator

    “I have time for hobbies at night instead of falling asleep on the couch.”
    -Madison G., 25, Medical Assistant

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