Eating Too Little

When depressed, some individuals have no appetite for food or simply forget to eat.  It can lead to vitamin deficiencies, anemia and weight loss.  As a result, the individual continues to feel weak, unhealthy and depressed.

 Eating Too Much

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some individuals tend to eat too much when they feel depressed.  Food stands as comfort and brings satisfaction.  Eating too much can lead to weight gain, poor body image and feelings of poor self-control.

Eating What Is Most Convenient And What Tastes Good

It is common for depressed individuals to feel unmotivated. As a result they look for convenience rather than preparing their own food.  We all know convenient foods tend to be heavily processed, full of preservatives, sugar and fat.  Individuals with such dietary habits will most likely have low energy.  And the vicious cycle continues.

Here at Park Avenue Nutrition we know how hard it can be to shake a case of the blues and we want to help you get back on track!  Mood changes, anxiety, depression are often present in persons with eating disorders.  Contact our office to set up an appointment.  We will help you adjust portion sizes, choose healthier foods, and incorporate physical activity.

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So many of our clients here at Park Avenue Nutrition tend to get the New Year blues.  With the bitter cold, the snow and the short dreary days it’s sometimes hard to stay positive.  However, choosing to eat is a basic need and there are some foods that can help boost your mood!  Altering your diet can make an amazing difference and help you shake that New Year’s funk.  In addition, it could help you shave off a few pounds.  What’s not to like about that?

Park Avenue Nutrition’s Suggestions:

Focus on Antioxidants

Nutrients such as beta-carotene, and vitamins E and C are antioxidants that help rid your body of harmful toxins and free radicals.  For sources of beta-carotene, think of orange fruits and vegetables such as apricots, squash, peaches, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  Sources of vitamin C include berries, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes.  Vitamin E can be found in nuts and seeds, vegetable oils, and wheat germ.  Try to create a dish with all three powerful antioxidants.  For example: a vegetable stirfry with carrots, peppers, and cashews.  Or try a peach, berry smoothie with hemp seeds.

Get More Selenium Rich Foods

There are on-going studies that show an association between low-selenium diets and poor moods.  The essential mineral selenium can be found in a variety of common foods: legumes, nuts and seeds, lean meat and low fat dairy products.  Incorporating these foods into your diet will help you feel peachy in no time.  Try having a low fat plain yogurt with nuts and berries for a selenium rich breakfast.

Include Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Studies show societies that consume more omega-3 fatty acids have a lower prevalence of depression.  Sources of omega-3 fatty acids include fatty fish such as anchovy, mackerel, salmon, sardines, and tuna.  Other important sources include flaxseed and nuts.  Have a serving of fish at least twice a week.  And if you don’t like fish, try throwing flaxseeds into cereal or smoothies.

Remember Vitamin D

Once treated with vitamin D, improvements were seen in people with depressive seasonal affective disorder.  Consuming vitamin D is important, especially in places with little sunlight.  Sources include mushrooms, dark green leafy vegetables and fortified dairy products.

Consider The Mediterranean Diet

A diet heavy in fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and fish is considered one of the best for preventing depression.  Such a diet ensures an ample amount of nutrients, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.  Think fresh and clean; avoid processed and calorie heavy foods.

Keeping these five tips in mind will help you breeze through New Years 2012 with a smile on your face.  Eating healthier will help you feel better and in control of your life.  For an even greater mood boost consider incorporating a regular exercise routine.  Be sure to seek the assistance of doctors or therapists if needed.

Got questions? We’ve got answers and we’d love to help! Contact us at Park Avenue Nutrition to set up an appointment!




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Ever wonder why you crave that big bowl of pasta or a perfectly toasted bagel when you’re stressed?  Carbohydrates increase the amount of the neurotransmitter serotonin in your blood; as a result, you feel happy.  However, it’s important to choose your carbohydrates wisely.  Refined flour and excess sugar can cause a high followed by a crash.  We suggest choosing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes that have a healthy dose of fiber.  These foods will leave you feeling fuller longer with no sudden energy crash.  So trade in your refined grains for whole grains and you’ll see the difference!


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Park Avenue Nutrition Seal of Approval: Reviews

Marmara Mediterranean Restaurant
1160 3rd Avenue (Between 93rd and 94th)
Lisa Cohn gives her seal of approval to Marmara; this Mediterranean and Turkish style restaurant uses fresh and all-natural ingredients to create their delicious meals. The grilled calamari is prepared with tarragon olive oil and lemon juice. This delicious dish is low in calories and full of flavor. Getting an A+ from Lisa Cohn and her nutrition assistants.

Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health
Lisa Cohn gives her seal of approval to the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health. This institute holds classes for the public on all different types of cuisine. One of Lisa Cohn's assistants, Naomi, had the honor of participating in an authentic Mediterranean vegetarian cooking class taught by Jennifer Abadi, author of A Fistful of Lentils. Mrs. Abadi shared that most of the spices in Mediterranean cooking came from India. The class made Laban, a tart thick yogurt that can be used as a spread as well as Shakshuka, a hearty tomato and egg stew with white beans.

Farainella Italian Bakery, Pizza & Panini
1132 Lexington Ave
Lisa Cohn gives her seal of approval to Farinella, Italian Bakery, Pizza, & Panini. This pizzeria makes their food with fresh, all-natural and organic locally produced ingredients. The 4ft long rectangular pizza is baked to perfection, and the shape reflects on the way pizza is cooked in Italy. One of Lisa Cohn's assistants, who has just returned from living in Rome for 4 months, says Farinella's pizza is delicious and reminds her of living in Rome. She gives her seal of approval to the Primavera slice, loaded with fresh mushrooms and zucchini; the pizza has very little sauce but tons of flavor.

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