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Are you a Mom on a Diet?  Take a look at the pregnant women and Mom’s around you and ask yourself, Am I on a diet?  Am I thin enough? How will I lose my baby weight?  Are my friends overly concerned about fitting into a smaller size pants? Will I do whatever it takes to lose my baby weight?

As an Upper East Side nutrition practice for ten years I have seen the gamut of diets and ultimate weight loss techniques and extreme measures. I have also seen healthy and less healthy women, Mom’s, pregnancies and children.  Working with pregnant women, I must address a Mom’s eating habits as well her unborn children and young eaters at home.  Eating disorders are all
too common and damaging to women’s bodies and minds.

Please reconsider your method of reaching “your” ideal shape or size.Keep in mind that your babies brain may be at risk as you take measures to reduce your inches.  Reconsider your perspective on what is “normal” when you make up your own diet rules or listen to friends or media stars when it comes to mind over matter.

It’s a matter of fact, eating well and keeping in shape can be achieved by healthy means – flat bellies, narrow hips can be packaged along with healthy babies, glowing skin, hair and energy levels.

At Park Avenue Nutrition & Spa we cater to the proper balance of mind and body to support you and help you to achieve your goals – in a safe and healthy fashion.


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MTV Diet

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Recent sad news about Selena being hospitalized and having poor eating habits this week was upsetting.  We love her singing and seeing her happy with Justin Bieber.

Unfortunately, Selena cannot live by Justin alone.

They have very active days with high energy needs and healthy eating is a must to fuel great minds and bodies.  Having a sweet tooth can be part of a nourishing eating plan but it must go beyond snacks, sugared beverages and must be fully digested – no playing with your food.
With the Summer heating up – we remind everyone to keep the fluids coming in for good hydration and to avoid the weight loss diets which are harmful.  I am pleased to help you with a healthy eating plan to keep you trim and full of energy and staying power!

A licensed dietitian, medical professional is critical to smart weight management.  I have new clients each day who struggle with eating problems who make the decision to go about changing habits for the better and allow themselves to eat and live healthier for life!  Power smoothies, salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils, hemp milk are some yummy options we can personalized for your plan.

We are wishing Selena all good things and our nutritional support.  She is terrific!  (and Justin is too!)

For more on my suggestions for Selina see MTVnews.com:


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I am always asked by families for de-stressing suggestions – for everybody!

I am pleased to announce our new Kids Yoga DVD to be released next month. This follows our first Detox & Relax Yoga and Healthy Cooking DVD.

Here are a few ideas to de-stress your family. All are naturally good brain nourishment and encourage fun leisure and body fitness activities.

1. Breath normally.
2. Move that body – for the fun of it.
3. Have kids help out in the kitchen

Have you kids follow along with the recipes the kids are making and encourage them to taste test along the way!

Enjoy and please share your feedback.

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Park Avenue Nutrition Seal of Approval: Reviews

Marmara Mediterranean Restaurant
1160 3rd Avenue (Between 93rd and 94th)
Lisa Cohn gives her seal of approval to Marmara; this Mediterranean and Turkish style restaurant uses fresh and all-natural ingredients to create their delicious meals. The grilled calamari is prepared with tarragon olive oil and lemon juice. This delicious dish is low in calories and full of flavor. Getting an A+ from Lisa Cohn and her nutrition assistants.

Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health
Lisa Cohn gives her seal of approval to the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health. This institute holds classes for the public on all different types of cuisine. One of Lisa Cohn's assistants, Naomi, had the honor of participating in an authentic Mediterranean vegetarian cooking class taught by Jennifer Abadi, author of A Fistful of Lentils. Mrs. Abadi shared that most of the spices in Mediterranean cooking came from India. The class made Laban, a tart thick yogurt that can be used as a spread as well as Shakshuka, a hearty tomato and egg stew with white beans.

Farainella Italian Bakery, Pizza & Panini
1132 Lexington Ave
Lisa Cohn gives her seal of approval to Farinella, Italian Bakery, Pizza, & Panini. This pizzeria makes their food with fresh, all-natural and organic locally produced ingredients. The 4ft long rectangular pizza is baked to perfection, and the shape reflects on the way pizza is cooked in Italy. One of Lisa Cohn's assistants, who has just returned from living in Rome for 4 months, says Farinella's pizza is delicious and reminds her of living in Rome. She gives her seal of approval to the Primavera slice, loaded with fresh mushrooms and zucchini; the pizza has very little sauce but tons of flavor.

Park Avenue Nutritionist Lisa Cohn in the News


Lisa on WFAN 660 New York, NY
+The best ways to start and maintain a diet or nutrition routine
+Steps that can be taken nutritionally to address the winter blues
+How media/societal influences about body image impact persons with eating disorders.
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