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Easy family friendly recipes are always in demand by my clients.  I look for new and creative, health conscious resources to share.  Organic is best and TinyGreenMom has a wealth of useful information including recipes for families.  Check out a couple of my recent submissions with power ingredients for growing brains and bodies of all ages.

Let us know how you like them and your comments on the site.  Enjoy!

Recipes on

Hemp Nut Butter Roll-Up

Hemp Cereal Sundae

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Breakfast Energy - Coffee Alternatives

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I am a regular at Starbucks but not a fan of coffee.  While doing my homework, I head for the “Skinny Steamer”, fat free or low fat steamed milk served hot with your choice of sugar free syrups (the vanilla tastes like a vanilla milkshake without the heavy consistency).  Nutritionally speaking,  you’re getting Read more on I Get My Locomotive Running with My Morning Steamer…

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Healthy Breakfast Foods

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By Naomi K.

Do you scoff your food down without thinking twice about what you’re choosing?  How aware are you of what time it is when you eat?  When Lisa asked me to jot down the foods I’d eaten for a week and note the time I was eating, I realized I was stuffing my face without thinking much.  In the morning, in particular, it takes me some time to realize what I just bought when I am craving something sweet or familiar.  After talking with clients at the nutrition center, I learned that for most people, breakfast can be as boring as a lecture that drags on and on. Read more on Lisa’s Strategies for “Stuffing My Face” with Healthy Breakfast Foods…

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