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There is growing agreement that the use of hemp for medicinal purpose should be made legal.  Hemp leaves are a natural option to ease pain – in various parts of the body.  Easing pain is a challenge for most at some point in life.  For many, pain management is an on going battle.  For most of life, we face challenges which cause mental and physical discomfort, fatigue and pain.

New challenges come with growing pain – fear of the unknown, insecurity in skills or how to act – nervous energy – all contributing to suffering or sorts – often with gain.  When we suffer with uncertain purpose or out of necessity to survive, we seek to self medicate – to cope – seeking support and empathy from other to feel and ease our pain.

Eating is necessary for life.  Indeed, most animals soothe with food.  The chemistry of food influences mood as well as physical bodily functions.  Easing pain as a leisure or legalized medical measure can be nourishing to mind and body.

Read this Stoner Foods article for ways to pair pain management with  good nutrition.

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Healthy Brain Foods Tip #1 – Eat For a Fatty Head

Brain Foods

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Eating to power your brain can be simple, natural and is extremely important for overall health and well-being. Try these foods and the recipes which follow to nourish you brain for a super day. Healthy brain foods provide essential fatty acids for the fatty tissue which makes up the brain itself.

Remember the expression you may have used in the playground, “Hey you fat head”? This expression comes from fact, Read more on 3 Healthy Brain Foods: Mindful Nutrition Tips…

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